Episode 389: The Murder of Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey

Written by moonsjok

novembre 17, 2022

Marguerite Alibert was a woman set on getting what she wanted out of life. She was raised a very poor girl and was sent away from her family at a very young age to go and live with the Sisters of Mary. When she became pregnant at 16 and lost the job they had set up for her she was left all alone in the world and had to turn to sex work to make a living. She ended up being one of the most popular and desired courtesans in Paris, but that reputation would not remain spotless for long. Soon Marguerite, after scamming multiple men… like Prince Edward VIII, would meet a young Egyptian “Prince.” Their life was set up to be picture perfect, but all was not as it seemed. Just six months into their marriage, one of them would end up murdered.

Thank you to David White for research assistance!


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