Episode 383: The Framing of Kelli Peters

Written by moonsjok


novembre 7, 2022

For this episode of Morbid Ash has a bit of a different tale for us. This is the case of Kelli Peters; a mom, the PTA president, and framed woman. The afternoon of February 17th 2010 started off so normal for Kelli. She pulled into the school she’d been volunteering at for years and started getting to work with the kids. Out of nowhere, Kelli’s afternoon took a turn. She was called to the office where a police officer waited for her, and when she got there he wanted to know whether or not he could search her car. When he did he uncovered a ceramic pipe, 17 grams of pot, 11 percocet pills and 29 vicodin pills. But for the first time in probably the history of ever, the drugs really weren’t Kelli’s. She had been framed.

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