The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 12/11/22 – Bibi Netenyahu, Miranda Devine, Julie Kelly, Kyle Seraphin

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décembre 16, 2022

First up today, we talked with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netenyahu about his life and about how the relationship between the United States and Israel worked under his administration through several Presidents. We also talked about his life and his book My Story. Next we talked with Miranda Devine, to talk about the revelations of the Twitter files released by Elon Musk and how this is an FBI story and not a Hunter Biden story. Then we talked with Julie Kelly on several stories she’s been covering incuding Bennie Thompson using the Jan. 6th committee to look for people to fit crimes, and the firing of lawyer James Baker from Twitter. Finally we talked with FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin about how the FBI slow walked the investigation of the J6 pipebomber, and how the FBI has now classified him as adversarial for speaking out.

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