Must See Video Makes The Best Case to Vote GOP (Ep 1890)

Written by moonsjok

novembre 17, 2022

In this episode, I address the signs to look for if there’s going to be a red wave on Election Day. I also show the most powerful ad of the election cycle. It makes the best case to vote against the Democrats, and for the GOP. 

News Picks:

What is the FBI doing at polling locations?

New data destroys the lib narrative on crime.

The FBI must be broken up. It’s intell and criminal missions should be separate.
Is Elon ready to go to a PR war with the boycott brigade?

More disastrous news about the school lockdowns and their effects on our kids.

In an astounding change of direction, Miami-Dade County could go to the GOP. This is huge. 

Facebook is dying, as they double down on “wokeness.” 
Is your bank spying on you?
Is corporate “wokeness” via ESG, against the law?

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