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décembre 28, 2022

Air travel was a hot mess this past summer, and the problems could continue into the winter holiday travel season.

Despite marginal improvements, airlines and the FAA are still reporting delays and cancellations as travel climbs out of its Covid slump — even with airlines proactively reducing flights and schedules to avoid these setbacks and to keep pace with the ongoing travel uptick.

The cancellations and delays are drawing the ire of lawmakers, who are unhappy with the congestion and hollowed-out staffing in an airline industry that received more than $50 billion in pandemic aid.

Airlines have defended their performance, pointing to compensation for passengers who face delays and cancellations and a reduction in the number of overscheduled flights.

POLITICO is examining what’s behind the perpetual airline staffing shortages, flight delays and cancellations that have led to a 322% increase in consumer complaints since 2019.

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We appreciate your help in reporting on this important topic.

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