Episode 418: The Murders of Julie Crocker & Paula Menendez

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janvier 16, 2023

In February 2007 Christopher Little came home to find a stranger hanging from the rafters in his garage. Things only got worse when he entered his home and found his estranged wife Julie Crocker savagely murdered in their bedroom. Luckily their two young children, who were also in the home, were left unharmed. But who was this stranger in the garage? Had she done this to Julie and then become so distraught afterward that she ended her own life? Chris wasn’t sure who she was, but when he was told that the woman was Paula Menendez, ex-wife of Julie’s new boyfriend he was pretty sure that was the case. The only problem was that detectives weren’t so confident in Chris’s assumption and felt like there was something very off about his entire story.

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